Abie Toiber

Abie was Born in Mexico City and at a very young age was moved to Indianapolis, and back to Mexico, a  couple years later moved to Israel and then back to Mexico; so its safe to say that in the lapse of his early childhood  Abie already had global and multicultural perspective of life. His parents where music lovers and his dad a dentist and bass player who inculcated the love for rock and artist like Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Genesis, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones and Yes became his early influences. Abie developed a love for the electric guitar and in 1994 while studying at the M.I in Hollywood California formed the the rock in español band Coma who later released one album with EMI Music and a highlight was a top 10 radio single and a national tour.  After they disbanded Abie went to school, obtained a degree in advertising and started playing guitar gigs while producing his solo projects and collaborations, including The White Cherries and La Psicodelic Mango under his indie label TOCA75.