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Abie Toiber just dropped a classic rock masterpiece and love letter to some of the greats with a spaced out atmosphere, and catchy melodic hook that pulls you in the the vibe of the whole thing within seconds flat. 

"Mars" involves some gorgeous textures  and layered guitars, synths, and licks that all come together to create something that's got that genuine 70's rock aesthetic. 

This single was deepening and packed with killer changes and a slight edginess that peeks through almost all the time.

There is no star of the show on this song. Every element has its shine from vocals, to bendy guitar leads, to ambient and trippy synth pads that fill the air around you. 

The song is massive and has a full soundscape that takes you fro quite the musical journey.

Toiber certainly didn't hold back in terms of experimentation and that just adds to the classic rock feel production wise especially. 

"Mars" is a track that becomes quickly infectious and makes you want to hear more of the artist's catalog straight away.

It's definitely great to hear music arranged and recorded with so little boundaries and with such passionate influences all over it. 

The song not only works, but serves as a wonderfully colorful and slightly alternative single to bring the artist to light. 

One thing is for sure, Abie Toiber has a serious love for his craft. There is tons of heart throughout this entire track and it bleeds through onto everything. 

It's a song that breathes and sways and beckons artists like Bowie to hop on stage and sing along. 

It's been a long time since we've heard anything like that and it's likely going to be a while before it happens again. 

 Releasing music on SPotify since 2007, Abie Toiber has a great library for you to cruise through and soak in and everything has a little something new to bring to the table which is also refreshing. 

Start off with "Mars" and go back from there. You'll find plenty to add to your playlists to say the least.

Avande Music UK

Your song samples of "Bitcoin Song" has a clear sound and a good clear vocals both male and female in the song. Truly enjoy the musical instruments used as it is on the edge and delivers a perfect quality in good music and especially the guitar in this song. Really good and professional singing that is clear and precise. Work is well done in these song production. The song is truly well produced and structured for modern day music and this a good song. The music is very good, and is very well structured and performed, plus very entertaining. There is truly none I could find wrong in the songs. Yours in Music Daniel Van Eyk BA (Hons) Music Production and Sound Engineering Point Blank Music School & Middlesex University


Thank you for sharing this beautiful song. I really enjoyed your music. Beautiful voices warm, deep and expressive.

The Sound Wont Stop

A new single from Abie Toiber brings out a spacious and vast soundscape that transforms itself as it plays on brings together an array of beautiful and textured sounds that ll swim around each other and form an atmosphere that becomes all its own. 

"Heaven Library" is an outside the box, experimental and cinematic opus of sorts that stands tall from the crowd with descending guitar lines, and synths that crawl under your skin in the best ways possible. 

The track pushes the envelope and returns to its guitar roots at the end of it all.

The single has a way of calming you while giving you a strange sense of adventure at the same and it breeds new feels as it evolves. 

This is a thinking song that you can drive to, relax to, or even meditate to as its growing palette keeps you grounded while also afloat with the sound. 

The dreamy undertone of the arrangement and synths used create this living, breathing feeling and it's certainly been some time since you've heard a song do such things. 

This was beautiful in its own right. It's different and a little trippy but has this wonderful gracefulness to it. 

The performance is excellent and the way in which tracks, and sounds are layered was brilliant as it can engulf you and let you just get washed away with it all.

It's best to just let it do so., Let it engulf you. It feels nice and almost peaceful.

Abnie Toiber has been releasing material for years and each new release brings something new to the table. You never know exactly what to expect and just expecting that, is outstanding. 

Artists sometimes release the same sound over and over and there's nothing wrong with that. Toiber displays quite an evolution is the songwriting process and influences. 

It's all very refreshing to say the least. 

Dive into this one.

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